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S/S 2019 Lookbook

Photography: Amy Mills
Model: Cassandra Rosebeetle
Stylist / Creative Direction: Cindy Waters
Concept, & Clothing Design: Zoh Rothberg
Location: Stella Rose's Famous All-Pink Apartment

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Designer's Statement

For our first collection's lookbook, I wanted to combine the aesthetic of early 1980s new romantic/proto-goth-punk style, with its heady and self-destructive aura of deadly serious camp, with a stylistic nod to underground Edwardian-era occult-themed artistic salons, where individuals would gather to hold seances, and engage in spiritual and artistic experimentation. Both of these cultural movements existed at different points in time in New York City, so it felt perfect to shoot these images in Stella Rose St. Clair's pink-walled, punk-as-fuck apartment in Brooklyn -- the location of many a salon and a raucous party -- located just a few blocks from our studio, where the whole Thorns project began.